Monday, November 8, 2010

Milton Bradley Microvision & games

Milton Bradley Microvision gamesThe first cart-based handheld console was released back in 1979 by Milton Bradley and it was no other than the rather legendary Microvision. To try and grab the lovely handheld console, you could give this US only Microvision eBay auction a go. The console seems quite perfect in its condition and comes with 5 boxed games (Cosmic Hunter, Baseball, Star Trek Phaser Strike, Pinball and Connect Four) and an unboxed copy of Blockbuster. 


  1. I simply have *got* to find the boxed copy of this great old system that I know is lying around here someplace. I saw it about 4 years ago, then it ducked it's head back into the cold storage of the Preserve. Sooner or later it'll have to come back up for air.

  2. It might be a tad over-priced, but it will still make for an interesting bidding war.