Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Super Nintendo Starwing Edition

SNES Super Nintendo Starwing EditionTime for everyone's favourite curvy 16-bit console: the PAL version of Nintendo's Super Nintendo or SNES. You can now own it in its lovely UK Starwing version complete in its box via this SNES Starwing eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide and in case you're wondering, this is the complete boxed affair with one controller, the game cart and all necessary bits to use 'em. As for Starwing it's also known as Starfox...

The average SNES sells for 20£, 30$ or 22 euros. This boxed version then might just go for quite a bit more, though it definitely isn't the rarest of available versions. By the way, you might also enjoy this link too.

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  1. hi i just found a super nintendo pal version console in my attic .i wanted to set it up but there is a missing lead.it is the one that goes from console to television.do you have advice of were i could get it.thanks.from xavier.