Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Oric-1 Micro Computer

The Oric-1 Micro ComputerTangerine Computer Systems oric-1Released back in 1983 by Tangerine Computer Systems, the Oric-1 was a direct competitor to the ZX Spectrum. The Oric-1 came in 16 or 48k versions, sported proper 3-channel sound, featured a horrid keyboard and was based on the 6502A CPU, and despite (!) its colour-clash feature and similar price, failed to beat the Speccy. It did turn out to be pretty popular in France though, meaning a ton of quality and/or quirky games have been released for it. Find out more about the Oric-1 here, here and here.

To own a system for yourself you could try this boxed Oric-1 auction @ eBay, though you'd better have in mind that the computer is being sold as untested, meaning it just might be dead. Then again it might just be a huge chance at a bargain... Seller ships worldwide.


  1. never heard of tangerine computer systems, but in France it was released by Thomson.

  2. hmmm, got it confused with the TO-7 for some reason.

  3. Ahh, that's okay. Cheers for the comments guys!