Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Complete ZX Spectrum 48k

ZX Spectrum 48kSpeccy gamesLO Profile Spectrum KeyboardYou really couldn't ask for more... This fantastic Speccy eBay auction includes the classic rubbery 48k Spectrum, the lovely clicky LO external keyboard, 3 joysticks, a Kempston interface, one cassette recorder, the parallel interface, a RGB TV interface, the oddly named ZX-BOX sound amplifier, a Trojan Light Pen, books, manuals and an assortment of other interfaces and bits to bolt onto the Speccy. What's more, 84 games and a selection of software are also thrown in.

Said games and software include: Melbourne Draw, Saboteur, Matchday, Elite, Sherlock, Decathlon, Wanted Monty Mole, The Great Escape, Kwikload, Horace & the Spiders, Tapper and the Horizons Software Starter Pack. Europe only.


  1. Geia sou file
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