Saturday, January 3, 2009

CD1500: CDTV Professional

CD1500: CDTV ProfessionalCommodore's CDTV was stylish, powerful, imaginative, Amiga compatible and unfortunately a huge commercial flop you can read about here. The CD1500, on the other hand, the CDTV Professional upgrade, was less stylish, more of a flop, definitely disk-centered and apparently quite rare. It also manages to turn the DVD player styled CDTV into a proper Amiga 500 computer with a CD-ROM. What's more you can actually grab one boxed CDTV Professional with extras via eBay. Seller ships worldwide.

You will be getting the CDTV Professional which gives you a keyboard, mouse and floppy drive for the CDTV and -as an added bonus- the CD1252 infrared mouse and the CDTV infrared trackball. Oh, and an already working CDTV should also come in handy, as one isn't included.

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