Monday, June 16, 2008

The Nintendo Famicom Box

Nintendo FamicomboxNintendo Famicom Box screenshotFamicom Box NESA rarity from Japan, the Nintendo Famicom Box (or is it Famicombox?) was primarily used in Japanese hotels, game shops and, well, a variety of public and semi-public places. The Famicom Box can store up to and let you select from 15 Famicom games. Find out more about it here and watch a video here. Mind you, what you just watched could be yours...

It is, after all, the same Nintendo Famicom Box with 10 games, 2 controllers, Light Gun and Light Gun Holster you can try and purchase via this Nintendo Famicom Box eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide. The games included are: Super Mario Bros, Mahjong, Baseball, Golf, Duck Hunt, F1 Race, Boukenjima, Senjou no Ookami, Makaimura and Pro Wrestling.

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