Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A complete Amstrad CPC 6128

amstrad cpc 6128And by complete, I mean this lovely 8-bit micro comes with a colour monitor, a TV-tuner, the Romantic Robot Multiface 2, two joysticks, original disk systems, all cables and the necessary manuals. So, uhm, if you want to get your retro gaming hands on this one, well, do try this Amstrad CPC 6128 eBay auction. UK only, mind. 6128s with a colour monitor are not that easy to find these days and they usually sell for £25+.

In case you know nothing about the CPC 8-bit wonder and its odd, though lovely, 3" disk drive try having a look at this enlightening link. Then try an emulator and download some free games. Oh, and for a look at Amstrad's game-related history try this article.


  1. I loved this system! I still have it and still runs!!!

  2. Lucky you! We all love the CPC mind. Especially the 6128.

  3. FOR SALE: Amstrad CPC6128 Computer, Joystick & 2 Disks - Refurbished @eBay! http://r.ebay.com/9h6Wb4