Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally, a glorious SAM Coupé!

SAM Coupé CoupeCan't say that those SAM Coupé computers are a common eBay sight, so I guess you should probably find this SAM Coupé auction rather intriguing. Mind you, it's a UK only thing and these computers have been known to sell for anything from 60£ to 150£. To find out more about the turbo-charged 8-bit machine on offer (that can even emulate the ZX Spectrum) have a look over at Wikipedia.


  1. They do show up fairly regularly on eBay and there's still quite a good little scene for them.

    Check out:
    SAM Newswire

  2. Those are some fantastic links Gavin... thank you so very much.. Ah, the Sam Coupe, must have read more reviews of the machine than I did for the Master System...

  3. If you are interested in following what's happening the SAM Coupe scene then you should check out the SAM Revival magazine (paper mag with a disk too) that's still being made and sold by Quazar at