Saturday, February 9, 2008

eBay Rampage: Sega Dreamcast

Ahh, the innovative Sega Dreamcast. Sega's final and admittedly finest console. A sleek gaming machine that can still offer hours of top-quality entertainment and one you absolutely have to own both as gamers and as collector. Find out more here and know that the average unboxed (non-rare) Dreamcast console usually costs around 25£, 49$ or 33 euros.

Silver edition DreamcastJapanese limited edition Silver Dreamcast. UK, US, S. America, France, Ireland, Germany, ends 16 Feb. 2008.

Samba de Amigo DC boxSamba De Amigo complete. Worldwide, ends 14 Feb. 2008.

Dreamcast Arcade StickTwo DC Arcade Sticks. Worldwide, ends 13 Feb. 2008.

Sega Dreamcast r7 regulation#7Dreamcast R7 (Regulation # 7). Worldwide, ends 10 Feb. 2008.

Mr. DrillerMr. Driller (Sealed). Worldwide, ends 13. Feb. 2008.

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