Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will that be a Sega Genesis/CD or a JVC X'EYE?

SEGA JVX X'EYE XEYEWell, a JVC X'EYE apparently. It's a pretty rare SEGA Genesis (and not Mega Drive) SEGA CD (and not Mega CD) combo console produced by JVC or, to put it another way, the American version of the Wondermega unit. Said unit retailed at roughly 500$, flopped and now, being the rarity each failed console is destined to be, usually sells for almost 200$, 100£ or 135 euros. Still, a nice obscure piece of hardware, that plays quite a few classic CD & cartridge games and is definitely more manageable than a Genesis and CD with all their cables and adapters.

This JVC X'EYE console being auctioned over at eBay, might just turn out to be quite the bargain. Happily, the seller ships worldwide. Apparently you'll also be getting two not particularly impressive CDs (a Karaoke and an Encyclopedia one) and a controller.