Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Hello Kitty SEGA Dreamcast

Time for another rare SEGA Dreamcast console and this one is definitely the cuter of the lot. It's got Hello Kitty stamped all over it, you see, and Hello Kitty is by definition cute. For a kitty. Anyway, what you see above is the complete and aptly named Hello Kitty Dreamcast. Included are the Hello Kitty Keyboard Controller, the suitably pink controller and VMU, the Hello Kitty Garden Panic game and the Hello Kitty Dream Passport. Oh, and know this is a Japanese console, so you'll be needing some sort of power supply adapter.

To try and grab this weirdest of SEGA offerings do visit the Hello Kitty SEGA Dreamcast eBay auction. Seller ships worldwide. Hello Kitty Dreamcast usually sells for less than 260$, 130£ or 175 euros.

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