Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Amsptrad 6128 Plus

It was released late into the 16-bit period, and thus failed to really leave its mark, but the Amstrad CPC 6128 Plus was -- and still -- is a wonderfully impressive 8-bit micro. Its 4096-colours palette, hardware sprites and audiovisual tricks, 128kb of RAM, handy 3" drive, proper keyboard, cartridge port, and SCART video-out made it a machine that could almost compete with the likes of the Atari ST. On a good day, that is.

To own a well preserved specimen, do bid on this delicious Amstrad 6128 Plus eBay auction. The micro on offer has been tested, is fully working, and comes complete in its original box. Everything seems to be in great condition, and with the computer you will also be getting a controller, a SCART lead, a power lead, the Burnin' Rubber / BASIC cartridge, and the manual.

Seller ships worldwide.

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