Thursday, November 5, 2015

A most amazing Atari TT030

Originally intended as an affordable Unix workstation the Atari TT030 was rather late to that party and ended up being the most powerful member of the Atari ST family of computers instead. It was also the most expensive, what with its $2995 price tag that must have raised quite a few eyebrows back in 1990. Then again all that RAM, exotic capabilities and 68030 processing power couldn't have come much cheaper.

Interestingly, this excellently preserved Atari TT030 that's made itself available on eBay is way more powerful than the launch model. It has been upgraded with the powerful VME Crazy Dots graphics card, sports a 9GB hard drive (filled with software) and comes with 4MB of 16-bit and 64MB of 32-bit RAM. The computer has been thoroughly cleaned and is accompanied by its original keyboard, mouse and cables.

Seller ships worldwide.

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