Saturday, September 26, 2015

One Radofin Tele-Sports III in one box

Among the countless Pong-cloning consoles of the 1970s, one would have to admit that the Radofin Tele-Sports III (and the wider Radofin range too apparently) easily stood out. Not only did it support colour graphics and allow for the use of cartridges, but some of its games weren't particularly Pong-like with Grand Prix being a prime example of said fact.

Happily, a boxed copy of Grand Prix has been bundled with the 10-in-1 games cart Superstar and an equally boxed console and made itself available via this Radofin Tele-Sports III eBay auction. The system is tested and working and comes complete with power supply and two controllers.

Sellers ships to most places worldwide.

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