Thursday, August 13, 2015

Neo Geo Pocket Color & Games

SNK's color version of the Neo Geo Pocket, 1999's aptly named Neo Geo Pocket Color is a lovely 16-bit handheld system with a cute design and a selection of great games. It's also something you can bid on via this Neo Geo Pocket Color eBay auction. The handheld on offer is fully working and comes with those five games: Fatal Fury, Pac-Man, Metal Slug First Mission, King of Fighters R2, Neo Turf Masters and Samurai Showdown 2.

Seller ships only within the United States.


  1. The Neo Geo Pocket Color is a truly lovely portable. Wish SNK had given it a bit more love, and had a wider variety of games, but it does have great versions of Pac-Man, Metal Slug and a slew of other games. And that microswitched joystick! It's a thing of beauty. Made the GameBoy Advance's D-Pad look like a backward step.

    1. Couldn't agree more and frankly wish it had done way better than it did. Still, a lovely console to collect for.