Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sinclair ZX80 KIT

Back in the mists of time when Sinclair launched the venerable (and now highly collectible) ZX80 computer, you could save a few pounds on the asking price by grabbing it in kit form and assembling it yourself. Interestingly, you can still grab one of the few ZX80s that have remained unassembled via this ZX80 (KIT) eBay auction. 

The kit is complete and filled with all the stuff you need to make your very own retro PC, but the seller is only shipping within the UK European Union. 


  1. Hi, thanks for the photo of our dining room table, oh yes and the ZX80 kit. You and your blog readers may be interested to know that we have changed the listing to include "EU" countries. Thanks for your interest. Stonedog20

    1. Thank you for the update and best of luck with the auction :)