Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nine boxed Odyssey 2 games

If you are a lucky owner of an Odyssey 2, you'll be happy to know that eBay will let you grab 9 Odyssey 2 games in one cunning move. Said games all come in their boxes, are untested and most of them also sport a manual. Titles include Invaders from Hyperspace, Baseball, UFO, Take The money and Run, lien Invaders - Plus and Blockout! Breakdown!

Seller ships to more than a few places, but not worldwide.


  1. Gnomey! You! forgot! a bunch of! exclamation points! at the end of those games! :)

    Funny how pretty much every O2 game was a shout. ~ $27 with shipping for 9 boxed games - not too bad.

    1. Oh! My! You are indeed correct good sir MadPlanet! On the other hand, I would have been impervious to the Odyssey's cunning use of !s.