Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Space Taxi in a box for the C64

Retro gaming connoisseur MadPlanet has spotted something both unique and wonderful over at eBay: a complete boxed version of Space Taxi for the Commodore 64. Yes, a fully working copy of one of the rarest and actually best C64 games, complete in its even rarer box with manual, Muse catalog and couple of 3x5 cards. The seller's shipping only within the US.


  1. That is basically my holy grail of retro gaming - certainly for C64 at the least. If only it wasn't so freaking expensive I would've bought it instead of just mentioning it! :)

    1. And a fantastic game too dear MadPlanet, albeit one I've only enjoyed via emulation.

  2. Mates....i have space taxi tattooed on my arm. I need to come across a copy someday