Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The shiny new RGCD online shop

RGCD, the website behind those lavish, new and rather excellent Commodore 64 releases (mainly boxed and on a cartridge), has finally gone on and created a proper online shop. Visit it over here and have your pick of wonderful 8-bit indie offerings.


  1. The C64 is a truly amazing machine - not only because it was privy to some truly excellent titles back in the day, but because it's still widely supported by enthusiasts now. Nice to see cart games on the C64 still getting published - there's also a slew of Compact Flash adapters, midi interfaces, GIMP operating systems, ethernet cards... it's mind-boggling how much stuff for the C64 is still being made. One of the best devices I saw was a vintage West German cartridge adaptor, which allowed you to plug up to four C64 carts in at once and jump between them by the simple flick of a switch - so you could have a word processor on one cart, a sound sequencer on another, an art program on the third and Frogger on the fourth. Cos who doesn't like Frogger?

    1. We all love Frogger! And your invaluable comments dear Bob :)