Thursday, January 24, 2013

Atari Jaguar VR Headset

Described somewhat excitedly by its seller as an "ultra rare holy grail", the Atari Jaguar VR Headset that recently appeared on eBay is both a thing of beauty and, indeed, one of extreme rarity. The headset was the result of the collaboration between Atari and Virtuality and a product that was eventually dropped; rumour has it only 2 of them are available worldwide. 

What you'll be bidding on (provided you can spend over $14,500) will be the red/low-res version of the headset and it seems to come complete with everything a Jaguar collector might need. Seller ships only within the US.


  1. Wow. I've often read about the Jag's VR headset, but never seen one. You have to wonder how well it would have worked, given that the Virtuality depended on high-end Amiga 3000's for their low-end VR machines and as I recall some serious minicomputers for their high-end VR machine. Trying to cram that into a consumer priced headset in the mid 90s... you kind of have to wonder what Atari was smoking. It's more like one of those bizarre concept's they were working on back in their heyday. Still, it look's suitably futuristic.

    Wonder if you could have played Aliens vs Predator on that thing? That would be a lot of awesome.

    Speaking of Atari, pray silence please. They've filed for chapter11 bankruptcy. Yeah, I know it's barely the same company as the one that released the 2600, but dammit! Atari was a milestone company. It's sad to see them brought so low (again).

    Still, in many ways, any investor who buys the Atari name & properties now is in a good position to release their simple, classic games on a variety of mobile phone platforms. Pong, Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command... all of those could work extremely well on a touchscreen phone, especially the games that relied on a trackball or paddle controller.

    Ah, Atari... always smashing my dreams.

  2. Sadly it has bees doing this dream smashing thing for quite some time too. Remember being constantly for its consoles and them failing miserably.

    Oh well, fever's up again, gotta lie down!

  3. Back when I was just a kid I would not even dreamed of something like this for home entertainment. If be chance I would have used one I think I would suppose it was UFO technology :)