Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Commodore Max Machine

Time for another discovery by Blake of ByteCellar; time for a Commodore Max Machine auction! It's Commodore's least known 8-bit micro, a Japan-only release, a proper rarity and a shiny, tiny machine, that you can now get boxed, in full working condition and complete with three games. Seller ships to the United States, Europe, most of Asia, Canada and Australia.

As for the Max Machine, well, it was a failed attempt at producing a stripped down and much cheaper Commodore 64 that would primarily load its games from a cartridge, what with it shipping with a ridiculously low amount of RAM. Also, the micro came with a much cheaper keyboard, but did sport the SID chip. 


  1. Trust Commodore to make a cut-down, less capable version of one of their best machines. It's like the Commodore 64GS all over again. That's one of the odd things about Japan. They love their games consoles, but mostly they love Japanese games consoles. This valuable lesson that was promptly ignored by Microsoft with the Xbox, which unsurprisingly, tanked in Japan.

    Later, Commodore UK also ignored the lessons of taking a good, powerful and useful computer and stripping it down when they decided to reposition the C64 in the ailing 8-bit market as a console. All hail the Commodore 64GS! Except no-one did and everyone thought Commodore was silly and went and bought a Master System instead.

    Everyone, except Amstrad that is. All hail the Amstrad GX4000! Except guess what? Yep. No-one bought them. Isn't it funny how history repeats itself?

  2. Aye and a less than impressive testament to the skills of all those corporate experts that decided that such collectible yet utterly pointless consoles could work.

    Oh, well... At least we now have curios to talk about :)

  3. all that being said - I'd still REALLY like to own one. Thanks once again Gnome for showing me some computer goodie that I never knew existed!

  4. good lord either those robot-checkers are getting more difficult or I'm getting worse at recognizing the waved out letters. Took me like 4-5 tries to get that comment published!

  5. You are right. Google's captchas are getting increasingly irritating my friend.

    Oh, and you are most welcome, though this was a discovery by Blake :)