Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Speccy +2 from Amstrad

Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2I still believe the Amstrad produced ZX Spectrum +2 to be an excellent choice for retro gamers. It's a cheap 128k Speccy you can connect to a monitor, won't set you back a fortune and comes in a pretty compact form. European residents can even grab one for the very good Buy It Now price of £34.99 via this very eBay link. The computer comes with all necessary bits to get it working, a boxed joystick, the manual and a selection of original games. These include the excellent Popeye and personal favorite Oh Mummy.


  1. No shipping to North America! Curses! It is such a great looking lot, and even comes with Ghostbusters, that I was finally ready to take the plunge! Well, next time, Gadget, next time.

  2. Hehe... Truth be said, I always have my mind for Sinclair computers that can be shipped to US and Canada adresses, but they aren't that common and rarely ship for decent prices.

    Anyway. Next time indeed!