Monday, January 25, 2010

Atari Jaguar CD & Six Games

Atari Jaguar CDIt might look like a toilet seat, but the CD add-on for the Atari Jaguar was a rather impressive piece of kit back in 1995. And it sported -not unlike the Xbox 360- a Virtual Light Machine by Jeff Minter. What's more, the Jaguar CD is where the vibrant Jaguar homebrew/indie scene is publishing its work and thus an essential accessory for the modern Atari retro gamer.

To grab a fully working Jaguar CD complete with 6 games follow the cunningly hyper-texted Jaguar CD @ eBay link. Seller ships worldwide and will be sending you some of the best Jag CD games ever released, namely Highlander, Myst and Dragon's Lair.

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