Monday, March 30, 2009

Another boxed ZX Spectrum 48k

Speccy 48k tft monitorI've been searching for a boxed rubber-key Speccy that would be available worldwide, and, well, seems I've found one. Here is said lovely boxed 48k ZX Spectrum @ eBay. Seems to be in top condition too and even comes with 5 games. 10-15£, 14-21$ or 11-17 euro would be a fair price for the average Sinclair 8-bit wonder, though boxed computers might go for quite a bit more.

PS. If you are looking for a (sturdier) boxed Sinclair Spectrum + instead, do try this link.


  1. A boxed Spectrum 48k is worth between 40 and 60 euros. A boxed Spectrum 128k is worth much more, depending on its state. In mint state, consider giving at least 100 euros, and up to 150 is considered a good price as these are quite rare. A boxed spectrum 48k+ is worth less, because they are less sought after.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tyrell, I quite agree, though I've seen boxed 48k rubber Speccies go for less than 30 euros. Not so with boxed 128k, mind...


  3. That's right, you can have boxed 48k speccies for 30€ or less, but if you want a mint box, it will be more towards 40€ or 50€ than 30€. Keep up the good work and have fun with your collection.
    By the way, I'm frequently "shoping" on some local flea markets, and the retro stuff is getting harder and harder to find. And the prices significantly increased as well.

  4. Were selling our 128k sinclaire spectrum with 2 controlers and approx 40games. It isnt boxed tho.