Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Atari Jaguar CD & some CDs

Atari Jaguar CD JagCDEver since Atari was kind enough to release the protection codes for the Jaguar, the homebrew scene for that vastly underrated 64-bit console exploded. Well, relatively. Anyway. What's more important is the fact that the Jaguar CD is where the majority of the homebrew scene focused and if you are into that kind of thing (or into retro collecting, that is) you can grab one from eBay. How? By following this Atari Jaguar CD & CDs auction link. Seller ships worldwide and includes the truly awful JagCD version of Blue Lightning, a copy of Vid Grid and a demo of Myst. An average price would be something around 80 euros, 70£ or 105$.


  1. I tried playing Myst a few different times. I think I started with No.2 and then went to the latest one. I think they are beautiful games full of great stuff, but the puzzles I have no patience for..!

    I got pretty far in the last one- I think it was No.5, but then the puzzles started going over my head... which I don't claim to be good at puzzles in the first place, but they got darn right tough. Anyhow, I played as long as I could just because the different areas/worlds in this one was a sight to see at full pc settings.

    Never have seen the end to any of the games, probably never will... oh well.

    Talk to you soon! Remember to look both ways when crossing the streets over your way as well..!!

  2. I better go be productive or something...