Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Royal V-64 Apple II clone

The Royal V-64 clone is such an obscure micro that neither I nor the wise Blake of the ByteCellar (who also discovered it) had ever heard of it. Then again, finding anything about said machine online is virtually impossible and even the seller of this highly intriguing Royal V-64 on eBay doesn't seem to know much. At least we all know it's some sort of an Apple II clone, though definitely not one listed on Wikipedia.

The particular and apparently rare Royal V-64 on offer is sold as-is (and might not work properly after all), but does come with some interesting peripherals. Seller ships only within the US.


  1. Very interesting find, Gnome. Although considering there were well over 100 Apple II clones that we know of, there doesn't seem to be that much information of quite a lot of them, particularly the ones that came out of Eastern Europe or South America. Once the IBM PC's open standard became widely copyable a few years later, it must have pretty much supplanted the Apple II as the powerful computer of choice to clone - whereas the low end of the market was served by the simple circuitry of the ZX Spectrum, of course.

    Surprised this particular clone hasn't started picking up huge numbers of bids from Apple collectors yet. Still, it has three days to go - plenty of time to reach silly money figures for a very obscure and non functional 30 year old computer. :D

    1. Another excellent comment that should really have been a blog post.

      Cheers Bob!