Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nintendo Virtual Boy & 4 games

The Nintendo Virtual Boy, a console designed by legendary Gunpei Yokoi, was Nintendo's first and apparently only attempt at a Virtual Reality console, that completely and utterly flopped. The console, released in 1995 in Japan and the US, didn't even make it to Europe, despite being a pretty quirky and interesting little gadget.

Here's what Nintendo had to say on its VR gaming machine:

"The Virtual Boy, our RISC-based, 32-bit system, produces a 3-D experience not possible on conventional television or LCD screens. The system has two high-resolution, mirror-scanning LED (light emitting diode) displays. Its unique design eliminates all external stimuli, totally immersing players into their own private universe with high-resolution red images against a deep black background. The 3-D experience is enhanced through stereo sound and a new specially-designed, double-grip controller that accommodates multidirectional spatial movement. Virtual Boy is a stand-alone, table-top unit that doesn't connect to a television screen. It is powered by six AA batteries."
Good news is Europeans can now get their hands on a Virtual Boy and 4 games (Wario Land, Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball and Red Alarm) for relatively cheap. Provided its price stays below 50£, as usually VBs sell for over 70£.

Virtual Boy and games @ ebay.co.uk

Seller is based in the UK, but ships to Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.


  1. why oh why did this never catch on... i've be waiting for some company to come up with "goggles" for ages and now i find it's already been done....

  2. To be honest, I do believe it was a mighty fine idea too. Also sort of liked the whole red thing... Then again, it's so sad they stole your idea.

    Corporate bastards, they are, that's what.

  3. ... one of many mr.gnome, one of many.... sigh!!!

  4. Don't tell me you even thought of the Wii?

  5. never crossed my mind... well in a negative way...but in a what game console will i buy next croosed my mind notion...